Monday, January 18, 2010

Cakes from November 1-December 31

Sorry it's been so long since this blog has been updated. November and December were crazy months, both at the cake shop and at home. Hopefully, we're back on track with updates.

During those two months we did lots of birthday cakes...for both adults and children. Let's look at them first.

This tiered cake was for a man's 40th birthday. It included grave markers for past birthdays as well as the fateful 40.

This man's birthday cake included his favorite team's helmet and the name of his Fantasy Football team.
This man's casino cake came complete with cards, dice, and poker chips.
This cake included the birthday man's grandchildren and his love of mallard ducks, fishing, and NASCAR racing.
This 40th birthday cake included the recipient's love of golf, travel, and well as his workplace logo.
The "Survivor" logo seemed particularly appropriate for this cancer survivor's birthday cake.
This cake reflects the recipient's love of all things Apple.
This lady loves round barns and even has a collection of models of them. This birthday cake is a replica of her favorite.
The invitation for this surprise party included a tiered cake on a stand. We put it on her cake.
This 90th birthday cake included beautiful swirls, roses, and ribbons.
This was an appropriate cake for a Halloween birthday.
A beautiful birthday cake with a bow in pink and silver.
This cake was for a lady runner. Who knew a tennis shoe could be so elegant?
This birthday cake was for a lady who was being surprised with a hotel stay. It was waiting in her room when she arrived!
Another small, simple cake with swirls, roses, and ribbons. We think the blue with white swirls looks like Wedgewood china!

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